- About us -

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ItazLondon - Quality is Everything!

Our Mission:


Is to make you feel fabulous - the best version of yourself!

We provide quality natural skin and hair care products that will deeply hydrates rejuvenating and replenish skin's moisture and radiance. suited for all skin and hair types.

Our Ingredients:


We make beauty and cosmetic products using a range of high quality natural and organic ingredients with no harmful chemicals.  

Our Story:

ItazLondon was founded by Meja, as she was constantly frustrated by the lack of quality natural products for her natural afro hair. Meja grew up in Tanzania, where she used to mix her own hair and skin products using natural ingredients, and she felt that the products available in Europe tended to be too harsh and damaged her hair.


This frustration led Meja to form the idea of creating her own product, developing the simple natural approach from her childhood further and including a wider range of ingredients with various different benefits to create the best possible product.

This was easier said than done! She searched the market to find a producer who could make exactly what she wanted, until she finally met up with a specialist Italian cosmetic manufacturer who she has worked closely with to produce something special, that is not only natural but is also perfect for her hair and skin.