- Customer Reviews -

Here is what customers say about our 10 Natural Oils:


"Love this oil! Great quality! Amazing for skin and hair and smells so good. Delivered all the way to Ireland!"~ Malaika T

"The customer service was excellent, I ordered and received my oil within 3 days. I have bought only natural oils for my skin and hair in the last few years and the smell of this one is just the best to me. does not feel oily on the skin after applying and leaves my skin soft and hydrated. W ill definitely buy more. Thank you". ~ Jihanne

"I love the oil, so smooth and smells lovely. And the packaging is beautiful! I love the glass bottles". ~ Dseamstar

"Thank you for a speedy service. Bought this oil around 2 weeks ago and honestly i love it. Very nourishing, not greasy, smells amazing. I use it both on my hair and body. Will definitely be making more purchases "~ Bless

"Great product, i used it for massage and the results was amazing" ~ Malaika G

"I love the oil, Smells gorgeous.Thank you!! Xx" ~ Heena C

"Very moisturising, I used to have dry skin but since using 10 Natural Oils, my skin feels rejuvenated" ~ Angela S

"Best oil for skin and hair. I  love the smell and the fact that it leaves my skin really soft."  ~ Muriel T 

"I found the product to be suitable for not only men and women but for the entire family with children. good for both hair and skin" ~ Amos A

"10 Natural Oils is the best thing you could ever use, it leaves your skin looking amazing :)" ~ Anna L

"I love this product, the beauty elixir! light weight and not greasy it feels so beautiful on my skin and hair, very good value for money, amazing scent in a massive big bottles. Need i say more? 10 Natural Oils is just amazing!!"  ~ Westend W1

"Go try it & thank me later! It is a posh hair & skin product. Such a moisturising oil - 10 Natural  Oils all blended together!" ~ Wholesale Bg